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Property Transactions

For many New Zealanders their home is their most valuable asset and buying or selling a home may be the most important legal transaction they ever undertake.

We at Bamford Law have a highly experienced team that can advise and assist on all residential property matters. This includes:

  • residential sales and purchases, including retirement village units and apartments
  • refinancing and mortgages
  • advising on titles and Council Land Information Memoranda

Feel free to contact Linda Bamford on 03 547 6050 or 027 447 1501 particularly if you are about to sign an agreement to buy or sell a property.

We will provide you with free initial advice on what you should include in any agreement and the issues you need to consider to best protect your position in relation to such a transaction.

It is better to make sure the agreement is correct for your purposes before you sign than try and resolve difficult issues after, when it may be impossible to do so. We offer fixed fees for residential property sales and purchases so there will be no surprises.

Commercial Transactions / Leases

Even the transfer of a small business involves complex issues that business owners or shareholders might overlook.

Linda Bamford and our team can lead you through the complexities and ensure that there are no unexpected surprises in your business transaction. We are able to assist in relation to the detail of the agreements for the purchase or sale of the business, business structures be they partnerships, limited partnerships or companies including partnership and/or shareholder agreements.

In most situations when a business is purchased or sold there is a commercial lease that needs to be addressed by the parties. We will advise you on any existing lease or prepare a new lease if required.

Although there are various "standard form" agreements often used for leases, there are significant legal and practical issues to be addressed and failure to consider these carefully can result in challenging and stressful legal disputes. Matters to be addressed include:

  • Lease terms and rights of renewal;
  • Rent review calculations and disputes;
  • Maintenance of the leased property;
  • Your ability to assign or sublet;
  • Guarantees;
  • The fitout of the premises and any reinstatement requirements;
  • Permitted uses of the premises;
  • What should happen if the premises is damaged; and
  • What happens if things go wrong and it is necessary to take steps to terminate the lease.

All of these issues need to be carefully considered at the outset. Most difficulties with leases occur when exact clarity is not obtained at the commencement of the lease and so it is worth taking extra time there to ensure that both parties are on the same page from the beginning.

Wills, Trusts & Estate

A correctly drafted Will is one of the most important documents you should have. It is important to ensure your family is protected, and that your wishes are carefully considered when making arrangements.

Linda Bamford will advise and establish an estate plan that meets your requirements and ensures your wishes are taken care of on death.

We use tools such as enduring powers of attorney, trusts and wills to assist you with your plan, and ensure that your long and short term goals are met.

Relationship Property & Retirement

We provide professional support and advice for relationship property matters, whether marriage or separation.

At Bamford Law,we specialise in family law, in particular Contracting Out Agreements (commonly referred to as ‘pre-nuptial’ agreements), and Relationship Property Agreements dividing property on separation. 

Contact Tony Bamford.


Many people are opting to live in retirement villages which provides security and flexibility of lifestyle.

There are a range of legal titles available and we will advise you on the best option for your needs and circumstances.

The law requires that anyone who purchases a unit or enters into legal arrangements for living in a retirement village must have independent legal advice and we will provide that.

Contact Linda Bamford for advice if you are contemplating moving into a retirement village.

Tony Bamford


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We also undertake and assist with subdivision development work.

This includes implementing the requirements of subdivision consents, drafting covenants and easement instruments, obtaining new titles and all associated legal work.

Contact Linda Bamford for any query on subdivision and land development issue.